Echoes of Eternity

In the beauty of a sweet refrain
In wind that rustles through the trees
In winter’s snow and summer’s rain
Are echoes of eternity

I hear it in a baby’s laugh
I see it in a child’s glee
On a city street or country path
Those echoes of eternity

It’s in the efforts of mankind
In human creativity
In moving works of art we find
Some echoes of eternity

We rush through life at lightning pace
So busy that we never see
That right before our very face
Are echoes of eternity

We cloud our minds with useless things
We never have a moment free
To hear the tiny voice that sings
Sweet echoes of eternity

So stop and listen, smell and touch
Beyond what earthly eyes can see
What our Father wants to share so much
His echoes of eternity

He’s left for us here on this earth
Evidence of His Majesty
Glimpses of His matchless worth
Yes echoes of eternity

So take the time today and learn
How meaningful this life can be
There is a reason why we yearn
For echoes of eternity

For in our very hearts He’s placed
Yes within you and within me
Right in our very souls encased
Are echoes of eternity

All He asks is that we would
Come to Him and taste and see
That He is beautiful and good
Our King of all eternity

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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“I resolve to accept each situation of this year as God’s layout for that hour, and never to lament that it is a very commonplace or disappointing task.  One can pour something divine into every situation.” -Frank Laubach

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Hello all! Wow…so I haven’t updated in awhile, huh? SO much has happened. It’s past midnight right now so I will give you the “brief” synopsis.=)


A couple weeks after moving here I got to take two master classes with the wonderful Mia Michaels. She was genuinely glad to see me and we had a couple good talks over the two days…I tried to pray for her, and she wanted me to, but she was a little self-conscious about it and said she would love to have me pray for her the next time I see her. I told her that in the meantime I’d be praying for her anyway, which she really thought was amazing. I actually got a thank you email from her a couple days ago which really made me happy.


I am working at the Capezio dancewear store. It’s stressful, hard, the hours are awful and it doesn’t pay well at all. However, I am working with dancers every day. I have made friends with a couple of my gay co-workers, which is amazing. These are the people God sent me out here to minister to. One of them in particular, Ernie, is very much on my heart. He is such a gentle spirit and I so desperately want to see him saved. So PLEASE PRAY FOR ME. I need more money than this job is giving me. New York is expensive. However, I feel that for the time being, God wants me to stay at this job as He has work for me to do there. I am trusting that he will provide, seeing as this is His idea…but it’s hard for me to trust sometimes, you know? I need some solid evidence that He sees my earthly needs.


I have become a member of a wonderful church out here. It is called Morning Star ( ) and I love it. It is such a family and the pastors and staff really care about seeing everyone in the congregation fulfill the destinies that God intended for them. It’s the first church I’ve ever actually been a member of and it’s such a great experience so far.


Starting in the beginning of December I will be teaching two classes a week at the Project Dance Studio in Times Square. One is an intermediate ballet class and one is a worship dance class. I am so excited. This is a dream come true….I can hardly believe I will be teaching dance classes in NYC!!!! Wow…God is so amazing. Please pray about these classes, too, that the word would get out and people would actually come.=) We are doing our best to advertise, but a lot of it is just word of mouth. If you know any dancers in the city let them know about these classes!=)


As you know, my friend Emily moved out here with me. That was such a major blessing in SO many ways. She is a firefly and kept me smiling constantly. However, she was offered a job she simply could not turn town back in Denver so two weeks ago she moved home. I miss her terribly. She has agreed to pay her part of the rent until this sublet is up, which is totally AMAZING of her, but come April I will need to find a place on my own, instead of with someone else as I had planned. Again, please keep me in your prayers. I am in need of a miracle for housing and finances. I know God has me here for a purpose, so I’m sure He will provide…I’m just hoping its not at the last minute this time.=)


Other than all this, I am just continuing in my dance training. I try to get to at least four classes each week, which is quite a feat with a full time job, volunteering for Project Dance, AND rehearsing with the Project Dance company, Atmosphere. However, I have talked to the Lord about it and I feel pretty strongly that He still wants me to be training and honing this gift I’ve been given. We’ll see what He has in mind with all that! In the meantime, I am getting to know my classmates and that is yet another extension of my mission field here.


So….I should update more often…that’s just life in this crazy city, I guess. No time! It’s good, though. My life is so full right now. I’ve never had this feeling. I feel so completely in the right place. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And even though I barely have time to breathe sometimes, this is the best part of my life so far, no question. I love New York, I love my new friends, I love dancing here, I love the subways, and mostly I LOVE JESUS. It amazes me each day that He has hand picked me to be a bearer of His love and light to this city.


Thank you for your prayers, my friends. I would love to hear from you…and even more than that, I would love to see you!!!!! =D


Blessings in Jesus- Kira<><

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   My NYC picture book…MY LIFE IN THE CITY SO FAR:

Here’s my view from the Queens train

move to nyc 002

My fabulous roomie, Emily, and myself. Take a guess where we are….think, “You’re Fired!”

move to nyc 006  

A few weeks ago I performed with Project Dance at “The Broadway Blessing” at the cathedral of St. John the Divine. It was an interesting evening to say the least, but it was totally amazing to dance to “Carry Your Candle” and share Christ with all these artists. Here is the group of us who danced:

move to nyc 010

Inside the AMAZING cathedral:

em's pics 182

Here I am dancing by the Brooklyn Bridge


move to nyc 028


move to nyc 029

My new friend from Project Dance, Natalie, Emily, and me on a pedi-cab (bike cab) in Times Square

move to nyc 011  

Our crazy driver let my crazy roommate drive the pedi-cab around the crazy streets of NYC, merging into traffic with the crazy ACTUAL cabs and it was CRAZY!! Praise the Lord I am alive to tell you this story today!=)

move to nyc 020

A couple sundays ago Emily and I headed out for a fun day in the city. Here she is waiting for the subway at our “home station”:

em's pics 180

The famous Central Park Carousel

em's pics 211

I think all the spinning got to my roomie’s head…

em's pics 214

Here I am in the incomparable Central Park with Eloise’s home behind me…see it??=)

em's pics 217

The prettiest carriage in NYC:

em's pics 218

8th Avenue Sunday Farmers’ Market

move to nyc 003

Me at the market with my Boba Tea!!! YAY!!!!

move to nyc 005

We saw the hilarious show-within-a-show Curtains. Laughed SO HARD!

move to nyc 011

Emily bought a longboard to help her get around the city faster. Now she can acutally ride it WITHOUT the wall!!

move to nyc 013

This past weekend I got to participate in the Pure Life ladies conference. It was an amazing and refreshing time. The speakers were so inspiring! I was in 3 dances during the weekend, one of them a duet that I choreographed and performed.

move to nyc 017

“God of Justice” trio, AC, Jen, and yours truly!

move to nyc 019

Project Dance “Atmosphere” company members: Jen, Cheryl, Me, AC, and Ainsley. Cheryl is the founder of Project Dance and my big sister here in the city. All these ladies are just incredible!!

move to nyc 021

That’s all for now but there will be more to come soon. I start my new job at Capezio dancewear this Thursday so keep a lookout for the news about that!

My word of parting to all of you is LIVE YOUR DREAMS…God planted those dreams in you and wants you to fulfill them…so take the leap…the world needs you!!

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My my my….well…I’m in NYC everyone! After moving into a SECOND apartment (long story) I am finally settled in and learning to be a city girl. The place I’m living is absolutely beautiful and I’ve been blessed with two fabulous Christian roommates!

I have been working a lot with ProjectDance including a performance in a ceremony called the Broadway Blessing. I am currently working on choreographing a duet which I will be performing at a national ladies’ conference here in NYC called PureLife . It is a huge honor to be doing this piece as it is the opening for the conference so please be praying for me that I get divine inpiration for the choreography, etc. I want it to really speak to the ladies attending. I will also be in a two group pieces for the conference so it is very exciting.

The downside to my story (yes, there is a downside boohoo) is that I still do not have a job. I’ve looked into a few different options but none of them has come through so far. I feel the Lord is telling me to wait patiently for His best so that is what I am trying to do. However, there are of course days when I get anxious, nervous, etc. I am learning to wait on God in a whole new way….I really appreciate your prayers not only that I get a job but that I get the RIGHT job. One that will give me Sundays off and will be flexible with my dance/ministry schedule. I am discovering that those kinds of things are hard to find.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers and I look forward to each one of you visiting me here in the City!!! 


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